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Happy Holiday Travels Ltd, registered in England & Wales, operates in dual capacities. For the bookings facilitated in this context, we serve as an agent, not a tour operator. Our role here is solely to connect you with providers or arrangers of travel products. However, in other contexts, we may act as the primary tour operator.

These terms outline the basis upon which we handle your travel or holiday bookings. When finalising your booking, we'll coordinate for you to enter into an agreement with the principal travel supplier(s) (this could be a tour operator, airline, cruise company, or accommodation provider) as indicated on your receipt(s). We offer two types of bookings:

Package Holidays: Where you'll have a singular contract with the primary provider.
Individual Services: Where you can book various components of your holiday from different providers, resulting in multiple contracts.

Rest assured, all the holiday packages we offer come with financial protection. If, however, you opt for a single travel service, this protective measure may not be available. Protection for package holidays is guaranteed by the package organiser, and you'll receive confirmation from them. If you purchase an ATOL-protected flight or a flight-inclusive holiday through us, you will be provided with an ATOL Certificate. This document details the financial protections in place, elaborates on their implications for you, and provides guidance should any issues arise.

Please be aware that not all travel or holiday services from Happy Holiday are covered by the ATOL scheme. We encourage you to consult with our travel agents or consultants to understand the protections applicable to your specific booking.


1.1 These constitute the agency terms of business for Happy Holiday (“Agency Terms”), which detail how we process your booking. In this capacity, Happy Holiday facilitates a direct contractual agreement between you and the travel product suppliers. These may include but aren't restricted to tour operators, cruise companies, airlines, accommodation providers, and hoteliers (“Travel Suppliers”). Except when explicitly stated in writing, Happy Holiday always acts in the capacity of an agent for the Travel Suppliers, who function either as the principal or as an agent for the principal. As agents, we bear no responsibility for the actions or neglect of Travel Suppliers or for the services they offer. The terms and conditions of the principal(s) or supplier(s) apply to your booking. We strongly advise reviewing these, as they hold crucial information about your booking. If you don’t possess these terms, please request copies from us.

1.2 A binding agreement with the Travel Supplier for your holiday will not be in place until Happy Holiday receives a duly signed booking form and/or the payment stipulated on the invoice. This agreement is cemented only once Happy Holiday forwards you a confirmation on behalf of the Travel Suppliers.

1.3 The booking arrangement pertains to the individual who signs the booking form, regardless of who makes the payment. Every signer of the booking form is wholly accountable for the holiday booking. If no booking form is mandated or furnished, the arrangement is linked to the person who remits the initial deposit.

1.4 Your booking arrangement with the Travel Suppliers is overseen by:
- The terms of this agency and the specific booking conditions of pertinent Travel Suppliers. If you lack these, kindly ask us for copies.
- The booking form, which supplies Happy Holiday with necessary details to relay to the concerned Travel Suppliers orchestrating the holiday provisions. Ensure names align with passport details. Though Happy Holiday consistently communicates your special requests to Travel Suppliers and advocates for their accommodation, the final decision rests with the Travel Suppliers. This especially holds true for dietary requests.
- The invoice
- The itinerary: It may highlight if a booking is reliant on a minimum participation count. Should this threshold not be met, the service might be rescinded by Happy Holiday on the Travel Supplier's behalf as per the stipulated period in the itinerary without any compensation. If payments have been made for such services, Happy Holiday will issue a refund.

Please meticulously review the details on the itinerary and invoice upon receipt, as they delineate the booking arrangements orchestrated by Happy Holiday. Should any discrepancies arise, promptly contact us. Only the booking form signatories or their authorised representatives can request alterations. Some modifications might be accompanied by charges, of which you'll be informed in advance.

The booking data you provide will solely be relayed to the Travel Suppliers facilitating your arrangements or other necessary entities. Thus, certain authorities, like customs or immigration, might require this data, or it may be needed by law. This also encompasses any sensitive details you share, like disability information, dietary, or religious preferences. Some data might also be shared with security or credit verification entities. If your travel involves the United States, the US Customs and Border Protection will access this information to combat terrorism and other major transnational crimes. For trips outside the European Economic Area (EEA), data protection measures might be less stringent than within the EEA. Without transmitting this data to the respective suppliers (within or outside the EEA), your booking can't be facilitated. By making this booking, you're granting permission for the necessary data sharing. Full details of our data protection policy are available upon request.


2.1 While Happy Holiday endeavours to maintain consistent prices, please note that up to 30 days before your departure date, the price of your booking might be affected by surcharges. These can arise due to:
- Fluctuations in transportation costs, including fuel prices.
- Changes in duties, taxes, or fees for services, such as landing taxes or embarkation/disembarkation fees at ports and airports.
- Shifts in the exchange rates applied to your booking.
However, rest assured that within the 30 days leading up to your departure date, the price of your booking will remain unaffected by any such surcharges.

2.2 If these price variations cause an increase in the cost of your booking, you will have access to remedies as laid out in the terms and conditions of the respective Travel Suppliers.

2.3 When securing a package holiday through Happy Holiday, kindly note that we will not provide a detailed cost breakdown of the holiday components.

3.1 For bookings made within 10 weeks of the departure date, the full payment is due at the time of booking.

3.2 If your booking is made more than 10 weeks before the departure date, an initial deposit, as specified on the invoice, is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance should be cleared at least 8 weeks before the departure date. As a courtesy, Happy Holiday will send out a payment reminder around 10 weeks prior to the departure date.

4.1 Changes Initiated by You:
- Any modifications must be submitted in writing by the individual who completed the booking form.
- Happy Holiday will endeavour to facilitate your requested changes but cannot guarantee approval from the relevant Travel Suppliers.
- Happy Holiday will impose a minimum administrative fee of £50 per person affected by the change, plus any applicable service charges and VAT. Additionally, you will be responsible for any charges levied by the respective Travel Suppliers based on their terms and conditions.

4.2 Changes Initiated by Travel Suppliers:
- Sometimes, booking arrangements may be established several months in advance with Travel Suppliers.
- If any substantial alterations to critical terms of your booking are initiated by a Travel Supplier prior to departure, Happy Holiday will promptly notify you.
- In such instances, you'll be entitled to remedies as defined in the terms and conditions of the involved Travel Supplier.

5. Cancellation
5.1 Cancellation by You:
- Cancellations must be formally submitted in writing by the individual who signed the booking form.
- In the event of cancellation, Happy Holiday reserves the right to retain a portion of your payment as a cancellation fee.
- Depending on the policies of the respective Travel Suppliers, you may also be responsible for their cancellation charges, which can amount to up to 100% of the booking's total cost.

5.2 Cancellation by Travel Suppliers:
- If the balance of the booking fee isn't settled on time, Happy Holiday, representing the Travel Supplier(s), holds the right to cancel the booking. Subsequently, you may be subjected to the Travel Supplier's cancellation charges.
- While unlikely, should your booking be cancelled for reasons beyond the above, such cancellations will be governed by the terms and conditions of the involved Travel Supplier. It's imperative to note that if you choose to cancel or modify your booking, the Travel Supplier might impose their own cancellation or amendment fees. On top of that, you will be obliged to cover any cancellation or amendment charges as specified by Happy Holiday upon request.

6. Liability, limits on liability, and compensation
6.1 It's crucial to understand that your booking and contract is directly with the pertinent Travel Suppliers. Happy Holiday holds no responsibility and is exempt from any liability for actions or lapses by entities not in its employment. Even though Happy Holiday meticulously selects its Travel Suppliers, it has no direct control over them and cannot be held accountable for any deeds or oversights of its Travel Suppliers or their representatives, agents, or staff.

6.2 Happy Holiday won't be liable to offer any compensation for failures in its service delivery if the root cause of such failures can be attributed directly to you.

6.3 No compensatory obligation will fall on Happy Holiday for any loss, damage, or incurred costs due to service failures if the failure arises from:

- Unforeseen actions by a third party unrelated to the holiday provisions. - Unexpected and unprecedented circumstances beyond Happy Holiday’s immediate control, the repercussions of which could not be averted even with utmost diligence. - An event that, despite all caution, Happy Holiday couldn't anticipate or prevent. - Instances of such scenarios include, but aren't limited to, wars, riots, civil unrest, industrial disagreements, terrorist activities, actions by governments or other authorities, unavoidable technical glitches with transport or machinery, power cuts, natural or nuclear disasters, avalanches, fires, delayed deliveries, unfavourable weather conditions, or the threat of any such circumstances.

6.4 Happy Holiday remains free from any liability for economic losses, anticipated savings losses, profit or revenue losses, goodwill or reputation damages, or any indirect, special, or consequential damages that might arise in connection with these terms or due to any delays in the services offered.

6.5 Emphasising for clarity, your booking is made directly with the respective Travel Supplier. As long as Happy Holiday executes its services without negligence, it bears no liability for any complaints, losses, damages, costs, or claims related to any facet of your booking or travel plans.

6.6 Should Happy Holiday be obliged to provide compensation, be it as delineated in these Agency Terms or elsewhere, its compensatory obligation is, under all circumstances, capped at the aggregate maximum of the total amount you paid for the bookings relevant to any specific complaint.

6.7 All payments rendered to Happy Holiday for services like visa assessments, applications, and appointments are binding and final. Once these services are sought and paid for, they cannot be refunded or exchanged. By confirming your payment, you accept and understand that these particular services are exempt from refunds or exchanges, regardless of the situation. Before making any related payments, it's vital to comprehend and accept these terms. Happy Holiday won't consider any requests for refunds or exchanges concerning these specific services under any circumstances. Your engagement with these services signifies your thorough understanding and acceptance of this stipulation.

Your travel arrangement contracts are established between you and the principal(s) or supplier(s). Therefore, any questions or concerns regarding your travel should be directed to them. If you encounter issues during your holiday, it is essential to report these immediately to the principal/supplier or their representative in the locality. Failure to report in a timely manner could limit our ability to address and rectify your complaint effectively. Consequently, this could diminish or nullify any compensation you might be entitled to. Upon your return, if you wish to raise a complaint, it's advisable to do so in writing to the principal/supplier. Happy Holiday is here to support and assist you in this endeavour if needed.

Any disputes that may arise between you and Happy Holiday will be subjected to the laws of England. The English courts shall have exclusive authority in such matters.

9.1 Insurance: Numerous principal/suppliers mandate travel insurance as a prerequisite for booking with them. Regardless, Happy Holiday strongly recommends procuring a comprehensive insurance policy. This ensures coverage for situations such as travel cancellations, emergencies (including repatriation), loss of belongings or finances, and other unforeseen expenses.

9.2 Passport, Visa & Health Requirements: Happy Holiday can offer generalised guidance about passport and visa prerequisites for your journey. However, specific passport, visa, and other immigration requirements remain your responsibility. Ensure you verify these with the pertinent Embassies and/or Consulates. Neither Happy Holiday nor the principal(s) or supplier(s) will be liable if travel restrictions apply due to non-compliance with passport, visa, or immigration rules. It's worth noting that many nations now mandate passports to be valid for a minimum of six months post your return date. For air travel within the British Isles, specific types of photographic identification are required by airlines. Kindly consult Happy Holiday for comprehensive details. For health advisories, while we can provide a general overview, consulting your physician for specific guidelines and recommendations is essential.

9.3 Pre-Departure Checklist: Before embarking on your journey, ensure all travel, passport, visa, and insurance documents are up-to-date and in order. Additionally, ensure timely arrival at the airport, allowing sufficient time for check-in processes.

Last Update: 3 October 2023


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